Spring Frost

Green Clay Mask

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The Blaze O' Skin Green Clay Mask eliminates excess sebum, cleanses your skin of any impurities or toxins, and revitalizes the skin all while exfoliating, nourishing, and reviving it.
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Focus Ingredients

Montmorillonite, a soft phyllosilicate mineral, precipitates as tiny clay crystals in Spring Frost Green Clay Mask from an aqueous solution. Green clay gently exfoliates dead skin cells, eliminates excess sebum, and detoxifies your skin.

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Focus Ingredients

Tips for Application


Mix some clay powder with the right amount of the Activator, water or natural oil to get a thick mud-like blend.

Spread Evenly

Spread evenly across your clean face, starting at your upper neck and working your way up, spray with water to prevent it from drying. Avoid your eyes and lips.

Rinse Off & Relax

Use warm water or a damp washcloth to rinse off when appropriate and enjoy your detoxified, clear and nourished skin.